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Hands and Feet

Treatments for Hands & Feet:

The Express
In a hurry, on lunch break, little short on time ... try our express
manicure and pedicure. We will take care of all the essentials:
nail shaping, soak, cuticle care and polish.
Manicure $12
Pedicure $25
The Express Mani-Pedi (Combo) $35

The Essential
Manicure $18
The essentials: nail shaping, soak, cuticle care, moisturizing rub, polish
Pedicure $28
Soak, shaping, cuticle care, sole softening, moisturizing rub, polish
The Essential Mani-Pedi (Combo) $45

Manicure $25
Pampering treat: nail shaping, soak, cuticle care using Cake Beauty Cuticle
Buffer, moisturizing massage with Cake ‘Milk Made’ Hand Crème, polish
Pedicure $38
Pampering treat: soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, luxurious
‘Sugarcoat’ Sugar Scrub, moisturizing leg massage
with ‘Sugarcoat’ Foot Crème, sole softening, polish.
Signature Mani-Pedi (Combo) $60

Manicure $25
Ooh la la: the Essential Mani with a French accent
Pedicure $38
Ooh la la: the Essential Pedi with a French accent
French Mani-Pedi (Combo) $60

Escape to Fiji
Manicure $30
Nail shaping, cuticle care, Pure Fiji Coconut Creme Scrub,
ultra moisturizing Pure Fiji Coconut Body Butter Massage
Pedicure $50
A mini-vacation for tired feet: Coconut foot soak, nail shaping,
cuticle care, Pure Fiji Coconut Oil Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, gentle
massage using warm stones and Pure Fiji Pineapple Scented Oil.
Tiny warm stones are placed between toes while they are polished to perfection.
(Cabana boy and Pina Colada not included!)
Escape to Fiji Mani-Pedi (Combo) $75
Manicure $30
Nail shaping, cuticle care, Essie Hydro-Masque to lock in moisture,
Essie Kirby cream massage.
Pedicure $38
The Essential Pedi plus Essie exfoliating clay scrub, followed by
a luxurious Essie Kirby Cream leg and foot massage.
Essie Mani-Pedi (Combo) $60

Miss Priss
Manicure $10
You are never too young to be pampered!
For ages 10 and under: nail shaping, soak, moisturizing rub, polish
Pedicure $20
Soak, shaping, moisturizing rub, polish
Miss Priss Mani-Pedi (Combo) $30
Includes Princess crown!

Sweet Additions
Essie Hydro Masque $8
A minty mud masque to hydrate lower legs and feet.
Used with heated booties and removed with scented warm towels
Paraffin $8
A quick dip in lightly scented warm wax to make your
hands or feet baby soft. Used with heated mitts or booties
Polish change $10 for hands, $15 for feet
For a quick pick-me-up when you have
no time for the full service
Massage Minutes $1 each
Need a little extra attention? Add on to your mani or pedi service

OPI Axxium or Shellac Manicure $20
The OPI Gel or Shellac polish is applied over your natural nails
to provide a chip free manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks!
Soak Off /Gel Removal $5
With any manicure
Manicure not included
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